Welcome Senior lecturer Peter Shaw, ​from School of Computer and Mathematics of Massey University, Massey to be Keynote Speaker!


Senior lecturer Peter Shaw, IEEE Member, School of Computer and Mathematics of Massey University, Massey University, New Zealand (click)

Research Area: computer science, artificial intelligence, big data, life science information analysis

Title: Combinatorial Text Classification: the effect of multi-parameterized correlation clustering

Abstract: The report will demonstrate the potential of chaining two distinct methodologies in service of topic modelling. The first, as of recent years, is more-or-less standard natural language processing (NLP) with word2vec; the second is graph-theoretical or combinatorial algorithm. Together, we show how they may be used to help classify documents into distinct, but perhaps not disjointed classes. The procedure is demonstrated on a collection of Twitter feeds, or tweets. Heuristics is the basis for this procedure; it is not presumed to perfectly work in every situation, or for every input, and, in fact, it is believed that the procedure will yield better results in a more homogeneous corpora written in some standardized fashion, as written in, e.g.,legal or medical documents.